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Sharing knowledge and experience

With three vehicles available for our guests, we are fortunate to also have the services of three awesome safari guides


Tamsyn Du Toit extra safari guide
Tamsyn Du Toit

Tamsyn’s middle name should be Passion.  Her first love is the Kruger Park and everything in it.  Tamsyn has been guiding for a number of years and loves to share her knowledge of the Kruger with our guests.  She is always happy to answer questions and goes out of her way to ensure our guests have the most enjoyable experience when on a safari with her in the Kruger Park.  If you are a bird lover, or want to know anything about snakes, Tamsyn is your girl (her boyfriend claims she is scared of snakes – that could not be further from the truth!)

Hayley Myburgh extra safari guide
Hayley Myburgh

Hayley is a new and very welcome member of our team.  If Tamsyn’s middle name is Passion, Hayley’s has to be Enthusiasm.  We pushed her into the deep end and she just started swimming!  Always ready to put her hand up to be on duty, Hayley is loving all the experiences and is a natural as a guide.  As well as her animal knowledge, Hayley also has a lot to share about birds, trees and the other interesting “little things” in the Kruger that people would not normally think about.  We have received great feedback from our guests who have been on safari with Hayley and they have enjoyed the experience immensely.

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